Welcome to the Lotus Pages, where life blossoms unfold. The beautiful and fragrant lotus blossom has myriad meanings across the expanse of time and culture.  A long-held symbol of change, growth, and purification, it remains, in essence, a flower. As the lotus blossom emerges from beneath murky water, so does the unfolding consciousness of awakening. Despite many self-given adjectives and identifications, in essence, we are being. Within these pages, life blossoms of consciousness unfold into being as does the opening lotus flower. 


Welcome to our exciting blogs, and thank you for visiting our site. As these pages are dedicated to unfolding consciousness, we explore discussions that challenge perceptions to stimulate awareness and achieve positive change.

The Lifestyle blog is dedicated to discussing healthy living and lifestyle choices. The content includes restaurant reviews to facilitate informed decisions when dining out and conversation about cooking and exercise for busy schedules.

The Travel blog ventures off the beaten path to explore eateries, interesting attractions, and share travel experiences.

The Unfolding blog is dedicated to discussing topics related to the symbolic emergence of lotus blossoms from murky waters that unfold into a new awareness.

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